The "etching" in stainless steel etched plates means corrosion and engraving. Stainless steel etching is to etch a desired pattern or pattern on a stainless steel plate. This etched stainless steel plate is also called a corrosion plate. What are the characteristics of the corrosion board?

First, the corrosion board has a three-dimensional effect. The corrosion plate is etched to a certain depth by the chemical agent on the surface of the stainless steel (1 to 6 C), which makes the surface rich and concave, and the figure is more three-dimensional. For example, the eight-horse map made by our company through the corrosion process, the three-dimensional sense and the dynamic feeling through corrosion are much higher than the plane picture.

Second, the stainless steel etched plate pattern is rich. Often works created by masters, such as famous paintings, famous stickers, and famous works, can be produced through etching. Similarly, the stainless steel door panel drawings and bathroom cabinet plate patterns commonly used in our daily life can be produced and processed by this process.

Third, stainless steel etched plate quality is reliable. Corrosion board We choose high-quality 304 stainless steel material for corrosion material, in addition to special chemical solvent can corrode, will not rust in the atmosphere, rain, wet environment, will not fade, can be used as an ideal decorative material . Usually, the ceiling of the hotel lobby, the door trim of the hotel door, the elevator door cover, the pattern handle, etc. can all adopt the decorative board of this process.

As technology advances, stainless steel etched plates will introduce more novel patterns and look forward to them.

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