The home is decorated, of course, is to start to buy a variety of furniture to fill the inside of the home, the table is certainly can not be less. So, what kind of table is good? How about a stainless steel table? Stainless steel dining tables are now popular.

How to choose stainless steel table?

1. Look at the quality of the process
Stainless steel table in the production of the stainless steel plate molded through the cutting saw, decorative edge, components combined into a combination. Look at the appearance of stainless steel table making quality mainly to see its sawing quality, side, surface decoration quality and plate port quality.

2. Look at the surface decoration effect
Stainless steel dining tables are more decorative, so select more exquisite. When we are shopping, we mainly see whether the stainless steel table surface plate has scratches, indentation, bubble, trace and other defects.

3. Look at the quality of material selection
Stainless steel table often adopts metal parts as fastening connectors, so the quality of metal parts also determines the quality of stainless steel table. Metal parts require dexterity, smooth, surface plating treatment, can not have Rust, burrs, etc., the accuracy of the accessories should be high.

When purchasing, pay attention to the model of table steel plate. In general, the common stainless steel table and chair on the market is stainless steel 201 #. Strictly speaking, the tables and chairs for stainless steel 304 # are used in medicine. For example, medical devices are made of stainless steel 304 #, which is more expensive.

What do you pay attention to when choosing stainless steel table?

1. Pay attention to whether it is poor quality marble
In order to reduce costs, unscrupulous businesses have caused consumers to snap up at unlimited low prices, thus using inferior slabs containing excessive amounts of benzene, formaldehyde, lead, organic acids, and other harmful substances. Formaldehyde and benzene in this type of plate will continue to volatilize continuously for 3-5 years, directly contaminating imported food, thus poisoning the respiratory system and digestive system.

2. Pay attention to whether it is false stainless steel
Most stainless steel products now reduce the proportion of the key anti-rust element "nickel" in stainless steel for economic benefits(because nickel is more expensive) and add harmful manganese, copper, and phosphorus instead. Which elements will enter the human body through contact, cooking, packaging and thus have great harm to nerve, immune, endocrine, reproductive and other systems.

3. Reduce the production process, good process to create a good product, but require a lot of processing costs, reduce this part can save a lot of costs. For example: polished, rough surface decay and so on.

4. Beware of harmful paint, which is necessary to reduce costs by adding large amounts of benzene to the adhesive. These organic compounds can enter the human body through the respiratory tract, wholesale, etc., and invade the nervous system. Hematopoietic system and liver organs. The most serious will occur poor regeneration or aplastic anemia.

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