Showcase design is mainly aimed at the design of shopping malls and specialty store display cabinets. Its main purpose is to make its products display more effectively and have more outstanding display effects.


1. The simple and clear design is the best way to attract potential customers. Most people can only accept limited information in an instant. If potential customers is in a hurry, there will be no interest if they cannot obtain clear information in an instant. In addition, work efficiency will also decrease due to the complex design. Must choose representative exhibits for display. Photos, charts, and text descriptions should be clear and concise. Decorations that are not related to the objectives of the exhibition and the contents should be minimized.


2. Showcase design should have visual focus

Showcase design should have visual focus. The focus can attract attention. Focus selection should serve the purpose of display, and it will be a special product, a new product, the most important product or a valued product. Through the location, layout, lighting and other means to highlight the key. On the other hand, it is to use appropriate colors, diagrams, and layouts to achieve a unified impression in a coordinated manner.


3. Showcase design should be unique

Being unique can attract more potential customers. And leave a deep impression on the minds of potential customers and recall memories quickly when there is demand. The design should be unique, but don't deviate from the display goals and business image.


4. Design showcase from the perspective of target customers

Showcase designers need to consider the goals, emotions, interests, opinions, and reactions of the target clients. Designing from the perspective of the target clients can easily attract the attention and resonance and leave a deeper impression on the target clients.


5. Consider the space

Showcase designers need to consider the store space and the number of booth staff and visits. Overcrowded spaces can cause some target customers to lose interest. Empty space will also cause such an effect.

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